Your Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities must not be taken lightly. You have a LEGAL obligation to ensure your Practice complies with WHS standards and regulations, all year round.

Your best defence, if you find yourself before a Court, is to have a comprehensive paper trail, setting out the reasonable steps you have taken to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all your staff.

For most Practices, this compliance is a headache and something that you just don’t have time to even contemplate, let alone ensuring safe measures and legal paper trails are in place throughout the practice.

This is one of the many areas where Health Practice Creations takes the hard work our of the day to day worries. For a small monthly fee, our Management Plan takes the headache out of WHS for you.

Most WHS plans simply provide you with a thick hard-copy manual that takes up space on a shelf and is never looked at, or short training sessions are provided over a day or two, and you are left to work it out on your own.

HPC Group has found a way to combine these services in an easy and inexpensive plan, so that we can support you throughout the year with maintaining high WHS standards.

Contact us to learn more or to register for our program.

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