A Strategic Plan and annual Business Plans are essential for running a successful (practice) business. It will provide you with the control you need over the business, to grow, generally change direction of the business, or even wind-down.

You may also find that financiers, investors or interested partners may insist on reviewing these plans prior to striking any deals with you as they bear praiseworthy evidence to future planning and structured management of the practice.

A Strategic Plan is a longer term view, usually a 3-5 year vision for your practice. A Business Plan is an annually constructed tool to help you achieve your 3-5 year vision.

The HPC Business Plan consists of 5 parts – Business Identity, Marketing, Management, Contingency and a Financial Plan.

The Financial Plan comprises a Feasibility Study for your practice, covering start up costs, loan repayments, annual operating costs, cost of keeping the practice open, break even patients per day, and annual income/profit projections. We base our feasibility studies and quantified cost/income estimates on industry benchmarking guides, thereby taking the guesswork out of assessments.