HPC is experienced in setting up health practices from start (locating premises) to finish (staffing), and the many functions in-between (design, legals, IT, phones etc) with as much or as little participation from the Practitioner as desired so you may continue to concentrate on patient/client servicing and marketing, to ensure a ready revenue stream as soon as the practice is live.

Your health practice setup will be with minimal personal involvement by yourself and with absolutely negligible disruption to your current place of employment. You may continue to consult patients/clients whilst your new practice is being setup. When the practice is ready for occupation, you can walk straight in and commence servicing of patients/clients immediately with limited disruption to patients/clients and your income. Naturally, HPC will consult with you throughout the process to ensure that each detail accords with your preferences and requirements.

HPC has developed a network of tried and trusted service providers who have significant experience in the medical field, are reliable, cost effective, and will give priority service to our clients throughout the setup process.

The way it is now

The HPC way

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