HPC has extensive experience working with government grants. We assist with writing Tender Responses, reviewing and negotiating Funding Agreements, preparing Tender Documents and Project Management of the project if successful.

Funding Agreements

We have extensive experience negotiating Funding Agreements with the Government. Over the years we have developed a sense for how the Government negotiates and which aspects are worth pursuing. We have also gained knowledge of how to comply with various components of an Agreement in the least burdonsome way.

Responses & Applications

HPC has acquired considerable experience in constructing Responses to tenders and government Grant Applications for development or extension of various aspects of medical practices. Successful submissions include two grant applications totalling $10 million.

Tender Responses and Grant Applications require more than just compliance with Evaluation Criteria. Invariably, there are other unspecified aspects that add considerable weight and credibility to a grant application or tender response. Knowledge of these important extras have been acquired through experience and direct or indirect involvement in various tenders and grants. Apart from preparing the actual responses/applications, HPC can simply provide a set of advisory guidelines on how to optimise the value of a submission.

Tender Formulation

In some instances, organisations need to source services from external suppliers via a formal Tender, detailing all information required, credentials and relevant compliance requirements of respondents. HPC is experienced in assisting organisations in undertaking this task, including preparation of such documents. Clearly stated Tenders increase the chance of meaningful responses which can be easily compared when selecting the best bidders. Additionally, it is vitally important that suitable disclaimers and appropriately worded sub-clauses provide adequate legal protection for the party issuing the Tender.

Project Management

HPC has extensive experience implementing project plans and budgets in accordance with tender submissions and Funding Agreements. We are experts in regards to the various items required in a Funding Agreement which may include:

  • Reporting (Project and Financial)
  • Acquittals Process
  • Audit Process
  • Stakeholder, Supplier and Building Contracts
  • Milestone Adherence
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Project Variations
  • Liaison with Stakeholders including the Government
  • Funding Agreement oversight and compliance