HPC can undertake your clerical and/or clinical recruitment for you. The process we undertake is as follows:

Job Analysis

A questionnaire regarding the responsibilities and functions of the vacant position must be completed. This will assist with recruitment of a suitable person to the position. The result of this analysis will form the basis of a Position Description.


An advertisement is carefully constructed in order to obtain suitable applications that fit the functions and culture of your practice. Suitable advertising streams are chosen that provide maximum exposure to the relevant industry and within a reasonable geographical boundary to your practice location.

Screening and Culling

Applications and Resumes are reviewed and short-listed to a maximum of four.


Interviews are conducted with the short-listed applicants. Applicants are instructed to attend the interview a few minutes early in order to carry out a brief written task. Such a task can often differentiate one from a promising group.


References are checked. Personal discussions are held with referees.


Two applicants are selected. The doctor is given the opportunity to meet with both applicants and be involved in making the final decision.


The successful applicant is notified. A contract is put into place.

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