From time to time, Principals encounter problems with practice staff, and situations in which their own individual goals or values, often related to management of the business, are not in alignment, potentially endangering stability of the practice.

Invariably, these situations require a fresh, independent/impartial view of the facts, relationships, administrative structures (or lack thereof), and working environment.

Principals and staff generally do not have time or experience to deal with such matters without perceived conflict of interest as, often, they themselves may be involved.

‘Board’ Level

  • HPC participates in [larger practice] Board meetings to facilitate Corporate Governance processes and structure Director effectiveness models.
  • HPC oversees business operations = pseudo ‘outsourced CEO’.

Principal – Interpersonal

  • HPC assists as an advisor to Principals in resolving interpersonal and business related issues.

Practice Management

  • HPC analyses and recommends solutions for relationship and functional differences between various layers of management and personnel.

Practice Wide Reviews

  • HPC conducts a review and collates practice staff opinions on a wide range of matters to support necessary operational improvements or cultural changes.

Program Development

  • HPC assists with development of various programs e.g. Staff Appraisal, Performance Counselling, Supplier Management, and operational structures (complemented by HPC Practice Audit Health Check and HPC Business Management services if appropriate).